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Simple WPF Line Chart

This project goal is to build a simple component that can plot given data points in coordinate axes.
The component allows customization for legend table, color, ...

You can see sample graphs generated by this project at

There are companies making this sort of graph/chart for sale and those look very good.
Am Chart at
SoftwareFX at

- .Net Framework 3.0

- Get the source code under Downloads or Source Code tab
- Place source code into a folder
- Open .sln file with Visual Studio 2008
- Build by Visual Studio 2008

(If you don’t have VS 2008 or don’t know how to build via VS 2008,
please find VS 2008 info at

Window1 class shows how to use the simple WPF Line Chart control
UCChartCurveGraph class is the actual WPF Line Chart control
BezierSpline class handles Bezier calculation. This file is owned by Oleg V. Polikarpotchkin at

More details is documented in Document.doc under Downloads tab.

Contact Info:
Thuyen Tran

1.00. Initial release

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